Success Stories

Success Testimonials

(Bates Method Workshop / Vision Therapy Eyewear)

Ms Shirley Ng, Teacher, 53
Ms Ng has myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism. The Eyewear helps her see better, giving her a “three-in-one vision”. “Three weeks after using it, I could see better without my glasses.” She felt giddy wear her spectacles and went for an eye examination. Her myopia has improved by 0.25 degrees. Sunday Times, Aug 14, 2005″

Richard Lim, Professional
“After using the Eyewear to read for a few weeks, my vision has improved. Nowadays, I read without my reading glasses (+2.75 diopter).” Straits Times, Aug 14, 2005.

Mr Robert, Real Estate Professional
I find my reading glasses bothersome. One day I came across an ad by Natural Vision promoting the Bates Method. My colleague and I attended the Workshop. After about 4 months of practising what we had learnt in the Workshop, and reading the papers and computer screen with the aid of the vision therapy eyewear, I discovered that I don’t need my existing presbyopic prescription of +2.50, but instead a reduced power to +1.00 allows me to read clearly equally well.

Mr Brian N, Senior Manager
My son and I attended the Bates Method Workshop in June 2006. After 1 and half months of practising the principles and techniques taught in the Workshop, my son visited our optician for an eye checkup. To our joy, my son’s glasses’ prescription actually drop by 50 degrees! He has been upgrading his glasses ever since, and not only his power didn’t increase, this is the first time, it came down. We are very motivated to continue practising the Bates Method, and are confident that we will be able to discard our glasses soon.

The Bates Method Works for my Family
I have improved my vision by 50% in 3 months by incorporating
the Bates Method in my lifestyle, and using a stepped-down pair
of glasses dispensed by the Natural Vision Centre. Even my astigmatism
is completely gone! My husband (before: -5.50; after – 3.25) has also improved his vision by 40% in 3 months. Most importantly, my 6-year-old daughter’s spectacle prescription has stopped increasing (has been going up every year) and she is wearing a pair of glasses 20% less powerful than prescribed by our former optician, and she can see 6/6 without a sweat. Ms Sequeira (Before:-1.75 myopia; -1.75 astigmatism, After: -1.75 myopia; zero astigmatism).

Keng Yi, Student, 13
“Since attending the Bates Workshop by Natural Vision, I go about without my glasses of 250 degrees (myopia) very comfortably. I know how to relax my eyes and see better without glasses and eyestrain. I even played tennis without them. Now when I wear my glasses, I feel they are too strong and cause giddiness.”

Donovan, Student
“I spend a lot of time in front of the computer for work and games. As a result, my glasses (250 degrees) need constant upgrading every year. After attending the Bates Method Workshop since 2004, my vision has improved tremendously. I go without my stepped-down glasses frequently, and I forget about the glasses most of the time. Recently, I went to the movies without my glasses and I can see!” My dad is inspired by my success, and had since downgraded his prescription glasses several times.

Mrs Singh & Prithipal, Student, 4
“My daughter (Prithipal) is 4 years old with about 400 on both eyes. The eye doctors who treated her told me that myopia was an inevitable part of being a Singaporean child and there was nothing that we could do about it. I could not accept this and was disheartened by the attitude of these doctors.

Hence, it was very timely for us that Young Parent’s carried a short article on the natural vision classes run by Jim. I attended his seminar in Dec 2002. Since then, my daughter and I have spent the last 3 months practising good eye habits, and the eye chart. We understand about factors that affect our natural vision and how to care for our natural vision. We are now using our step-down glasses and I am confident that with Jim’s guidance, we are on the path to regaining our natural vision.”

Natasha Wong
“After attending the Bates Method by Natural Vision, I experienced tearing and headaches in the first week when I removed my glasses (-2.50) whenever I can. However, in the second week, I got used to the blur and even experienced flashes of clarity. Now that I know the key principles and habits of natural vision, I am teaching the Bates techniques to my 6-year-old myopic child.”

Priscilla Yeo
“After attending the vision workshop by Natural Vision, I removed my glasses (R:-1.25 L:-2.25) most of the time when I am at home. After about three months, I went to an optical shop to gauge my progress. My vision has improved to -0.50 on my right eye and -1.75 on my left. That is a 60% improvement! I know that the Bates Method works, and am encouraging my myopic daughter to adopt the good vision habits prescribed by the Bates Method.”

Williams Tan
“My wife had attended the Bates Method workshop by Natural Vision. She was convinced that the vision system can self-heal and had done a pair of stepped-down glasses. She encouraged me to do the same. I made of pair of stepped-down glasses with Natural Vision, removing 50 degrees of astigmatism (from my current pair of glasses of -5.00 (450 myopia, and 50 degrees astigmatism). After 2 weeks of wearing the stepped-down pair of glasses with no astigmatism correction, I felt very comfortable with it, and could see everything I need to see. I know that my vision is improving, and had also stepped down my back-up pair of glasses which I use at work, since the original power (-5.00) feels too strong now. We had also gotten our son a stepped-down pair of glasses.”

Choo TL
“I attended the Bates Method workshop by Natural Vision in September 2003. The principles and habits of natural clear vision were very helpful. I am more knowledgeable about how to see in a relaxed manner, eliminating eyestrain, taking off my glasses without straining my eyes, and experience vision improvement everyday (except during days when there is too much work and tight deadlines).

We are encouraged to invest in a pair of stepped-down (downgraded power) glasses, in order to facilitate the vision system to self-heal. My old pair of glasses is 350 degrees (myopia). The stepped-down is 250 degrees. I am very comfortable using the step-down glasses, and continue to experience flashes of clarity. I am very excited and encouraged about my vision improvement, and look forward to discarding my glasses completely.”

Ms Yenni, Executive
I have been wearing glasses about 19 years.  My left eye was –2.25 and right eye was –2.00.  In fact I know about the pinhole glasses since 19 years ago, however due to several reasons I was not able to own one.

In 4th April 2006, I was so lucky that I found the pinhole glasses that I had yearned for so long and the price is reasonable for me.  Without any hesitation, I had got myself one.   I have followed the eyewear instructions to practice centralized vision via the pinhole glasses during the whole month of April.  I practiced it about 10-15 minutes every morning and evening.  During May, I was busy with my work, that’s why I did not practiced with the eyewear in daily basis.

I had attended the eyewear preview talk during beginning of June.  There after I was so motivated and decided not to wear my prescription glasses any more.  I even enrolled myself to join the Workshop on 24th of June as well.  With the kindness and helpful guidance/training from all the Natural Vision team mates on that Workshop.  I’ve learned more about the proper way or techniques to improve or to maintain our eyesight.

At the end of June 2006, I purposely went to an Optical Center to check my eyes.  Guess what?  My left eye is –1.75 and right eye is –1.50!  Isn’t it amazing?  Then I got myself a pair of stepped-down glasses for emergency use with the power of both left and right eye –1.00!

I’ve explained to my brother about the vision improvement that I’ve gained from the eyewear and the techniques as well. My brother follows the practice.  He eyesight was left –4.75 and right –4.50 but now he is comfortable with his stepped-down glasses with the power of left –3.75 and right –3.50.  He can even drive in the evening/night time with his stepped-down glasses!!!

I believe if both my brother and myself continue follow the techniques and practice, we can throw away the prescription glasses in 2 to 3 years time!!  Good luck to those who believe in the eyewear!  We all will have a CLEARER and BRIGHTER future!